4 Advices to get started on Sims Mobile


Throughout your in-game adventure on Sims mobile, you’ll start to discover some useful tips and tricks that’ll give a little push in the game. By experiencing different aspects of the game, you’ll start to know what’s working and what’s not. However, there’s a better learning approach that you should adopt if you want to have a good start on Sims Mobile. It consists in learning from other player’s experiences.

There’s a lot of content related to Sims mobile on the internet, many players have been playing this game for years. You simply have to look for the right documentation and give it a try. That’s exactly what we have done to come up with some advices that’ll surely save you a lot of pain.

Avoid accelerating actions

It’s simply not a good investment. You don’t want to lose valuable Simcash on something that can completed without them. It’s better to save resources for the future when you’ll have a clear idea about what you need and what you want to build.

Most simulation games include time constraints that can be annoying some times, but don’t worry you’ll get used to it and enjoy every moment you spend in front of your device playing Simsmobile.

Make your Sims work

Simply put to work the Sims that are just standing and doing nothing. You’ll get more experience and resources. It doesn’t matter if the assignment is a job or a hobby, just give a task to the inactive Sims. How you choose to manage them is another subject, however there are many techniques that you resort to in order to get more efficiency. We’ll have the occasion to discuss that in details in future posts.

There are many sources of information, a simple research on Google will do the job and help you to go through this.


There are a lot of forums and groups dedicated to discussing Sims Mobile. You’ll easily find people passionate about the game with whom you can exchange your experiences.

Interacting with other people will keep you motivated as it creates a competitive dimension that keeps that players attracted to the game. When we’re talking about simulation games like Sims Mobile, it takes a lot of time to progress and build a consistent project. And that’s one the beautiful things about the game that players have been playing for months and years. It can become a part of your daily life, a virtual place where you put your creativity to work and build something of your own.

Complete the daily tasks

For each task completed you’ll get a reward, and completing all of the tasks will get you a greater reward. You have to be devoted and come daily to claim the rewards after completing the daily tasks assigned to you.

This bonus is offered to keep players constantly in contact with the game and encourage those who dedicate a daily part of their time to the game.